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West Michigan Short Sale Submission Form

Your destiny is in your hands and YOU are being proactive in protecting yourself against foreclosure.

Please fill out the information below to see if you might qualify for a West Michigan Short Sale.  All the information is kept confidential however, please notice there are no questions asked about the account # or social security number.  When filling out these forms or any forms on the internet, do not ever give your social security number.  If you are even slightly leery about filling out this form, you are more than welcome to just fill out your name, phone and email address and I would be happy to contact you personally. 

If you would like to learn a little more about me, Tami Vroma of Five Star Real Estate, please visit the ABOUT ME page.  I understand your need to try and find out if I am for real and really care--this is a serious decision and I would want to know I had someone on my side that really cared also!

If you somehow landed on this page before reading the following articles, I would highly suggest you check them out.

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Grand Rapids Short Sales-West Michigan




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