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How to a Hire a West Michigan Realtor Experienced in Short Sales

How to Choose a Grand Rapids Short Sale Agent will be a very important duty.  You have decided to attempt a short-sale.  Now you have to figure out how to hire a Rand Rapids Realtor experienced in short sales. This is one time in which experience is absolutely critical.  You need to hire someone like my team who can do the best job for you and knows all the rules and laws associated with doing  a Michigan short sale.  

Making the decision to hire the right West Michigan Real Estate Agent Experienced in Short Sales, is a very serious and critical decision.   You may be asking yourself why?  When you hire someone to simply sell your home, the worst thing that can happen is that your home does not sell and you hire another.  But, when hiring the wrong Grand Rapids Realtor experienced in short sales, the worst thing that can happen if you choose the wrong one, is that your home goes to foreclosure and the ding to your credit gets bigger.  You have a small window of time in which to get the home sold before it goes to sort sale. Or, if it has gone to sheriff sale, you need to hire a West Mi Real Estate agent experienced in short sale after the sheriff sale (foreclosure).

At this moment, it can be very difficult to figure out who really is an  experienced West Mi short sale Realtor. With so many agents claiming to be specialists, it is my hope that after you read through this article, you will have the information you need to make a good decision.

Many, many Realtors are trying to do it all.  The fact is that negotiating with a bank is a full time job and then some!  Too many agents are trying to do the full time job of marketing homes AND the full time job of negotiating with the banks.  So which job suffers? . . . .Both!  I know because I tried for a year to do it myself.  It was the most miserable year of my life-my family could hardly stand to be around me because dealing with the banks is one of the most frustrating jobs there is on the face of the planet. My completion rate was 10%--pathetic!

So what has changed that makes me an experienced West Michgan Short Sale Specialist?  Easy, I get to concentrate on marketing your home and my team gets to concentrate on negotiating with your bank to get the short sale you need to minimize the damage to your credit.  You have an entire team of professionals working for you--not just one person trying to be jack of all trades and mastering none.

Having a team of Grand Rapids Short Sale Specialists gives you many advantages:

#1.  Because all they do is negotiate with the banks, they have established contacts no one Realtor could possibly have.  It's almost like having a friend you can contact in every bank.

#2.  The banks have been so diluged with foreclosures that half of the call center people in the banks don't know what the true process is for their own bank.  They haven't been at the job that long and are still learning themselves.  One person will tell you one thing, you call back and the next tells you the complete opposite.  But all my team does is deal with the banks and since they have several past and present sellers dealing with the same bank, they know the process for each bank inside and out.

#3.  My team knows the laws and can protect you from getting taken advantage of by the bank.  They make it their business to know Michigan Foreclosure Laws and Rights and have spent hours and hours learning.  They have paid out thousands of dollars to educate themselves and are members of the National Association of Foreclosure Prevention Specialists.

#4.  When Realtors try to negotiate on their own, the banks are cutting commissions horribly even though we are spending unbelievalbe amounts of time jumping through all the hoops the banks set up trying to get the Grand Rapids Short Sale through.  You are probably thinking, I could care less if your commission gets cut.  But, what happens is that the listing Realtor is also having to cut the commission of the cooperating selling Realtor--sometimes in half.  The real estate commissions are getting cut so badly that many times we can't sell the home without it costing us money, much less making money for a living.  My team is able to protect the commission and to offer commissions that are competitive so other realtors want to sell them your home over others that have cut rate commissions-meaning your home gets sold quicker!

#5.  Realtors working on their own have a very limited amount of short sales that are successful after the sheriff sale.  Time ends up being even more crucial and a Realtor without a team just does not have the time it takes to get the home sold in the redemption period.

#6.  Right now the #1 way to purchase a home is by FHA loan.  The problem with FHA loans is that they must pass an FHA inspection.  Who is going to pay the repairs required by FHA?  The seller?  Hardly- there is a reason  you are loosing the house to begin with. You don't have money!  Is the buyer going to pay?  No way-they have no assurance the sale will even close and don't want to take the chance of paying for repairs and loosing all the repair cost when it doesn't close.  Realtors working without a team hardly ever get the bank to pay for FHA repairs but my team gets it done on a regular basis making your house more saleable by working with our team.

#7.  Many Realtors working on their own tend to end up with the sellers having to sign a promisory note for a portion of the defiicit.  This only happens in extreme situations with my team. 


Things to look out for - don't ever sign over your deed.  Check the better business bureau, beware of guarantees.





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