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Michigan Foreclosure Options

West Michigan Foreclosure Options are out there!  Loan Modifications are one way but another way is a West Michigan short-sale!  So Congratulations!  Just by coming to this web site, you are taking one step away from letting fear paralyze you.  We understand you are frustrated.  You have probably had some life changing event affect your ability to make your mortgage payment.  Which one sums it up for you?

  • You or one of your family members have gotten sick creating a medical problem or disability.  You have poured all your money into medical procedures, hospitalization, prescriptions and treatments. It seems the banks are asking  you to choose between your house, your health or the health of a family member--someone you love. Obviously the banks don't understand and they don't care nor do the attorneys representing the foreclosure lenders.
  • You have been the target of unscrupulous lender who just wanted to get you in a house and make a buck.  You didn't understand that ARM meant the interest rates go up and the payments get bigger.  Even if you did understand it, you planned on selling the house before the interest rates went up . . .but then the housing market collapsed.
  • You or your significant other lost a job and the shock of unemployment has set in.  You can't believe you have worked hard every day and have been devoted to the company only to have the bottom line of the company take precedence.  You have been replaced and you see that you are expendable . . . and gone is the pay check that makes the mortgage payment.  And heck, we live in Michigan, it isn't like you can just go out and get a job~~they are darn hard to come by!
  • A business deal gone bad.  We have all had hopes and dreams of starting our own business . . .but you took the leap and you did it.  It went great for a while and then the economy went south and so did your business. 
  • You lost your job but you were fortunate to get another . . . . in a different state. . . . now what do you do with the house you already own that you can't sell because you owe more than it is worth.
  • The pain of a divorce has lead to financial devastation.  Not only are you emotionally drained but now you have to deal with the possibility of loosing our house.  You feel like this all just too much!
  • There has been something tragic in your life.  You have had an unexpected death, a disabling accident or someone in your family has been diagnosed as terminal.

First it is important to recognize that none of these things are your fault.  The best thing to do is be strong, be proactive and ASK FOR HELP!  Yes, there will be damage to your credit but you need to do everything you can to mitigate the damage and set yourself up for recovery and the next phase of your life!

Way too many Michigan homeowners are hurt, scared and just feel like all is lost and are ready to give up--"just let the house go back to the bank--it won't matter at this point."  NOT TRUE  It isn't to late until you are through the redemption period and the bank has taken possession of the house.  But until that point, there are many things you can do to start mitigating the damage--you are pretty much in charge of deciding to what level your credit will be damaged.  Know the process and the steps to foreclosure because the more you arm yourself with knowledge and know your rights, the better off you will be!  Take charge of your destiny!!

The first step is to educate yourself on the process.  Go to Grand Rapids Foreclosure FAQ page and make sure you understand the process of how a home forecloses in Michigan.

Once you understand the process of West Mi Foreclosure, start taking steps to minimize the damage through a Michigan Short Sale.  You know you can not afford to make the payments.  You have tried the loan modification process and are getting no where.  The best thing for you to do is to sell the house.

"Great", you say, "If it were that easy, I would have sold it a long time ago but I owe more than the house is worth and there is no way I can sell it".

Here is where you are wrong.  Homes can be sold at short sale with the help of an experienced Grand Rapids Short Sale Realtor.   For more information about Grand Grand Rapids Short Sales and how they work, you may go here- Short Sale Frequently Asked Questions. 

If after reading the Grand Rapids Short Sale FAQ, you believe a West Michigan Short Sale may be for you, the first thing you will need to do is to hire a Grand Rapids Realtor experienced in short sales.  Check out How to Hire a West Michigan Realtor Experienced in Short Sales--it isn't as easy as you think.  There are many Realtors who are trying to do two jobs-work full time as a Real Estate agent and work full time negotiating with the banks. Take it from someone who knows.  They can not do justice to both jobs. 







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